Treatment Courts - work of committee

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Phyllis E Mann
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Following is a listing of the various materials compiled by the committee during its preliminary work regarding Treatment Courts.

The primary websites for the national programs on treatment courts are:

National Association of Drug Court Professionals

National Drug Court Institute

National Center for DWI Courts

And for the history and model for drug courts:

There have been several papers promulgating standards and policies in treatment courts:

ACCD Ten Tenets of Fair and Effective Problem Solving Courts, Jan 2002.  Available on-line at:

Defenders in Drug Courts, NLADA -- Special Double Issue of Indigent Defense, Nov/Dec 1997. 

"From Day One": Who's in Control as Problem Solving and Client-Centered Sentencing Take Center Stage, Clarke & Neuhard, 2/21/04.

NADCP Resolution Regarding Indigent Defense in Drug Courts, April 19, 2002.

"Critical Issues for Defense Attorneys in Drug Court" produced by the National Drug Court Institute in 2003.

"America's Problem-Solving Courts," NACDL 09-28-09.

Some of our member systems have policies on the role of defense attorneys in treatment courts:

Wisconsin - 2 documents, part 1 and part 2

Massachusetts - available on-line at

Additional reading:

"What Are Drug Treatment Courts?", Department of Justice -- Drug Enforcement Agency, statement on their website at

"NY Kicking the Habit of Locking Up Addicts", New York Law Journal, 03-30-09.  Available online at [you must register, but its free].