Robert C. Boruchowitz

Visiting Clinical Professor of Law

Seattle University School of Law

1112 E. Columbia
Seattle, Washington 98122

(206) 398-4151 | Fax:


Robert C. Boruchowitz is Visiting Clinical Professor of Law and Director of the Defender Initiative.  He has taught in the Youth Advocacy Clinic and he developed a seminar on Law and the Holocaust.  He completed a two-week training for law teachers at the United States Holocaust Museum in 2007.  Next year he will teach Criminal Procedure.  Prior to joining the faculty in January 2007, he was Director of The Defender Association for 28 years.  He has represented clients at every level of the state and appellate courts, including the U.S. Supreme Court.  His work at The Defender Initiative has focused on the right to counsel in misdemeanor cases.  With his clinic students he recently won a Washington Court of Appeals decision that due process requires that children in truancy proceedings have counsel.  Bellevue v. E.S. (2009).  He was the lead author of a major study on misdemeanors published by NACDL called Minor Crimes, Massive Waste: The Terrible Toll of America's Broken Misdemeanor Courts.  He has been on the faculty for the National Defender Leadership Institute Leadership Training in 2002 and 2004.  He led a committee that wrote a caseload statement for the American Council of Chief Defenders.   He served as President of the Washington Defender Association from 1984-2004.

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