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Kate Harrison is the owner and principal of Kate Harrison Consulting, providing management consulting services to trial courts, local government agencies and non-profit organizations in the United States and abroad.  Services include interagency program evaluation through focus groups, interviews, best practice research and statistical analysis; performance management and measurement; strategic planning; and creating effective management  and human resource systems.  Clients include the North Dakota Court Improvement Project, Santa Clara and Pima County (Arizona) Boards of Supervisors, the Illinois Governor’s Office, 31 California Superior Courts, the San Francisco Bar Association, the Bureau of Justice Administration, the United States Agency for International Development, and the World Bank.  Ms. Harrison’s prior employment includes executive positions in California state and local judicial branch bodies and budgetary and planning positions in the executive and legislative branches.  As Assistant Director and Director of the California Administrative Office of the Courts Trial Court Programs Division, Ms. Harrison directed 65 staff in a variety of analytical and outreach programs affecting the operations of the California courts, assisted trial courts in requesting and managing state funding; and coordinating liaison efforts between the state Administrative Office of the Courts and local trial courts of California, bar associations, public interest groups, and judges' associations.  Ms. Harrison also served as Assistant to the Mayor of San Francisco, Assistant Executive Officer for the San Francisco Trial Courts, and Finance Manager for a transportation projects for the City of San Francisco.  She began her career as a member of a consulting practice evaluating the efficacy of local government operations throughout California. Ms. Harrison has a BA and a Masters of Public Policy from the University of California at Berkeley.

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