Louise Luck, M.A.

Court Consultation Services


Office: 212-227-6670; 845-783-0677 | Fax:


Areas of Practice:

Capital and Non-Capital Cases


Federal and State Courts; Military

Years in Practice:

Twenty-Five (150 Capital Cases; 900 Non-Capital Cases)


Sex Offenders; Juveniles; Spanish Speaking Staff


Court Consultation Services is a private Defense Based Sentencing Advocacy and Capital Mitigation firm.  Since 1986, CCS has been providing assistance to defense counsel and their clients in numerous states.  Louise Luck, the Director of CCS, has been in the Criminal Justice field since 1979.  Louise founded CCS in 1986.  Ms. Luck is a former Probation Officer, New York State Institutional Parole Officer and Corrections Counselor.  Louise holds a Master of Arts Degree from Marist College.  Ms. Luck has extensive experience in the classification and placement of state incarcerated individuals.  Ms. Luck is responsible for all of our programs and established the Capital Mitigation Unit.

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