Betsy Wilson

Sentencing Advocacy Group of Evanston

1603 Orrington, Suite 800
Evanston, Illinois 60201

Office: 917-837-2867 | Fax:


Areas of Practice:

Capital and Non-Capital Cases; Sex Offender Cases; Foreign Nationals


Federal and State Courts

Years in Practice:

Twelve (30 Capital Cases; 5 Non-Capital Cases)


Licensed Attorney; Atkins Training; Gang Members; Intellectual Disabilities; Child Victims; Fluent in German; Experienced Conference Speaker


As an experienced death penalty attorney, Betsy understands what a trial or appellate attorney needs to effectively and zealously represent the client and how to provide that work in a way that makes the attorney's life easier.  Betsy has been dedicated to capital defense and mitigation for her entire legal career.  After graduating from Harvard Law School, she worked as a trial attorney at the New York Capital Defender Office, representing clients in capital cases from arraignment through disposition.  There, Betsy developed expertise in developing mitigation issues such as child abuse, intellectual disabilities, mental illness, drug dependency, exposure to toxic substances and toxic environments, and gang membership.  Betsy is experienced in the complex motions practice of capital litigation and in all stages of criminal proceedings.  Betsy writes and presents on death penalty and mitigation issues regularly.   Her most recent article, Creating a Capital-Defense Team That is More than the Sum of its Parts, appears in the May-August 2010 issue of NLADA's Cornerstone.

Ms. Wilson's full CV is available upon request.

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