Douglas K. Wilson

Colorado State Public Defender

Colorado State Public Defender System

1290 Broadway, Suite 900
Denver, Colorado 80203

303-764-1400 | Fax: 303-764-1478


Mr. Wilson obtained his Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from Eastern Kentucky University in 1978.  He attended the University of Cincinnati College of Law, obtaining his J.D. in May of 1981.

Mr. Wilson spent the majority of his career as a criminal lawyer serving the poor of his community.  He began interning with the Colorado Public Defender system in 1981, moved into a position as a Deputy Public Defender in the Pueblo office in 1982, and was appointed Office Head of the Pueblo Office in 1992.  He served the system in this position for 13 years, while simultaneously filling the role as a top litigator on many death penalty cases across the state.  Mr. Wilson was appointed to the position of Chief Trial Deputy in January of 2005, where he worked until being appointed as the Colorado State Public Defender on November 1, 2006.  

Mr. Wilson was honored by the Public Defender System on two occasions for his steadfast service to his clients and his ongoing work in opposition to the death penalty.  He received the prestigious David F. Vela Award in 1998 and was chosen as Attorney of the Year in 2001.  Mr. Wilson also received the Jonathan Olom Award in 1999 for his dedication and continued work as a top criminal defense lawyer.

Mr. Wilson served as a member of the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar Association, Regional Chapter Ex-Officio Board Member since 1992.  He has served as an Advisory Board Member of Coloradoans Against the Death Penalty.

During his tenure as the Colorado State Public Defender, Mr. Wilson was awarded a certificate of completion from Harvard University for his participation in the Senior Executives in State and Local Government Program in July of 2008.  He currently serves as a member of the Colorado Criminal and Juvenile Justice Commission; a member of the Comprehensive Sentencing Task Force; a member of NLADA; and is an Executive Member of the ACCD.

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