Impact Leadership

The most advanced of NDLI’s training programs, Impact Leadership is designed for the senior experienced leaders of any type of defender program, including the chief or high-level administrator of a public defender office, the administrator of an assigned/appointed/contract counsel system, members of the board of directors for a public defense system, indigent defense reform advocates, and leadership of community justice organizations and criminal justice coalitions.

Emphasis is on those aspects of leading a defender program that are external to the program itself, such as: public relations strategies, community organizing, coalition-building, creating culture change, claiming and maintaining a seat at the criminal justice system table, securing funding and being accountable for it, and other critical challenges faced by public defense leaders.

Programs are typically 3 ½ days of intensive peer-to-peer facilitated workshops addressing a current leadership initiative brought by each participant.

Upcoming Opportunities

Past Seminars

New Orleans, Louisiana
Wednesday, May 30, 2007 - Saturday, June 2, 2007

In this highly interactive program, participants will learn how to take an idea, proposal, project, or leadership initiative and develop a strategic communications campaign.  Designed for the most senior leadership of any public defense system, work on the Leadership Initiative you bring to this program will allow you to strengthen your core leadership and communication skills and then apply those skills to your initiative.